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Welcome to the Noel-Baker School Website

Important - Exam Results 2014

A-Level Results Gallery

Year 13 Results Day 14th August. Please collect your results between 10.00am - 11.00am

Year 13/14 leavers with UCAS applications Please log into your UCAS account before coming in to collect your results. ‘TRACK’ will tell you if you have been successful at your choice of University but you will need to come into school to confirm your grades.

If you have been unsuccessful in any of your choices and wish to go through ‘Clearing’ you need to come in to speak to us and call UCAS as soon as possible after you have got your results. To do this you need all your UCAS information (passwords etc) and to be prepared to spend time on the phone. This can be continued at home once your results are known.

Likewise, if your results are better than expected and you no longer wish to go to the University you initially chose, you may wish to consider ‘Adjustment’. Please refer to the UCAS website for further details

Year 13 leavers - Non-UCAS applicants/New y13 students In order to allow the UCAS students to secure their University places can we request students who have not applied to University to collect their results between 11.00am - 12 noon

If you are looking to return to Sixth Form, enrollment will take place after you have collected your results. In addition to meeting the academic entry criteria, acceptance to Sixth form will be subject to signing and returning both the student and the parent 6th form contracts. It will also depend on course viability in terms of numbers and your acceptance onto courses by staff.


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